Favourite Images

Take a look at some of the photos, pictures and images
taken at Reformation Ireland events and campaigns

Croagh Patrick Witness - 2007

From left to right.
Thomas Buchanan, William Wickens , Mark Fitzpatrick, Raymond Stewart and Jonathan Trimble.
Our youngest and most zealous team member Catherine Fitzpatrick

Croagh Patrick Witness - 2005

Group photo including John Drohan from Waterford (79) in the car park having a well earned cup of tea.

The scene on the path upwards where 'walking sticks' are on sale

Traditional nun holding a 'monstrance' supposedly containing a bone of Patrick and selling various trinkets including Rosary beads
The official notice concerning the merits of the climb Brethren from throughout the island united around the Reformation Ireland banner just before the Open Air Preaching began. The secretary at the point of the open air beside the statue of Patrick
Mark and Raymond carry the message to the pilgrims Mark in serious discussion about the beliefs of 'the church' with a young American beside a gentleman who distributed free booklets on Penance pointing pilgrims back to traditional Romanism Raymond and Paul catch some pilgrims in a witness close to the entrance