Articles and Sermons

Topical articles and sermons, freely available from Reformation Ireland


Reformed Doctrine

Our Reformed Confessions - Raymond Stewart

The Church and Worship

Psalm Singing: A Reformed Heritage - Rev. J. Kortering

Prayer and The Prayer meeting - Graham Chewter

The Psalms In Worship - Bill Whyte

The Scottish Psalmody - Harry J T Woods

Feeding Sheep or Amusing Goats - Charles Haddon Spurgeon

The True Church - Bishop J.C. Ryle D.D. (First Bishop of Liverpool)

Evangelistic Sermons


What is Truth? - James Peden

Popedom - Part 1 - Richard Bennett

Popedom - Part 2 - Richard Bennett

The Passion of Christ: Mel Gibson's Vivid Deception - Richard Bennett and J. Virgil Dunbar

The Papacy And Islam - Richard Bennett and Robert J. Nicholson

Biblical Ecumenism and False Ecumenism

All One in Christ - Llewelyn Jones

Open Air witness and Evangelism